Our team’s diverse skills, experience and creativity combines to deliver search and social marketing campaigns with substance.

MISE Media was founded as a search specialist in 2015. With our unique approach we ensure that our clients receive industry-leading service and ROI through straight-talking, innovative and measurable SEO, PPC and Social Media campaigns that drive results.

At the heart of our philosophy are campaigns that work and make sense – search marketing needn’t be a confusing, wishy-washy and inexact science. Our campaigns deliver sustainable results and focus on creating valuable branded content that offers benefits beyond search.

Our paid and organic search marketing team focuses on delivering immediate results and continued success for our clients: by designing and implementing campaigns that address shortcomings, enhance strengths and ensure long-lasting prominence in the search results.

Put simply: we fuse our team’s diverse analytical, technical and creative skills to develop SEO  and PPC campaigns that have sustained impact.

Social media, content marketing and amazing web development  are  integral to any successful organic search campaign. We have invested in the right mix of skills and experience to ensure social media, content marketing and web design/development play a prominent role in all our integrated organic search campaigns.

Based in Leeds, UK, our diverse, multicultural and ever-growing team is driven by innovation, creativity and a passion for all things search. We are at the cutting edge of the industry and keep abreast of the very latest in developments to ensure that our campaigns deliver the best possible results for our clients.